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99 Originals | Logan Paul Secret NFT Project

I’m going to be honest, when Logan Paul said he was going to make a big announcement this week, the whole Cryptozoo community hoped that it was going to be about CZ.

But unfortunately for us, the project he’s been pouring his heart and soul into the last few months (8 months, to be precise), is something completely different.

It’s also in the NFT space, but it has nothing to do with a zoo. And just a bit about animals.Say hello to 99 Original. Logan Paul’s new massive NFT project (and DAO!).

Logan Paul Originals Announcement

We’ve all seen videos and photos of Logan Paul on social media with his polaroid over the last few months, and we finally know why.

LP revealed during the first Impaulsive Live episode shot in Columbus, Ohio, on March 6th, 2022, that he is launching a new NFT project called Originals.

Take 2 minutes to watch the full trailer here. I guarantee you it’s worth it.

What is 99 Originals?

Over the course of 8 months, Logan Paul took 99 original shots with his polaroid that will become an NFT collection, each polaroid becoming an Original 1/1 NFT.

From what we can see on the trailer, some of these shots are super epic, and super original.

Hence the name.

But Originals is way more than an NFT collection.

Originals is going to be a DAO, with a treasury (half of the original sale is going into the treasury), and each owner of an NFT is going to get 1 vote to decide how to spend the money in the treasury.

It could be to invest in projects, movies, buy more NFTs, real life events, metaverse events, buying the coolest Cryptozoo hybrids, or else.

The members and LP will get to decide together what they do with the money.

Not only that, Logan announced during the show that some holders will receive exclusive gifts from him, including a World of Women NFT, a Cryptopunk, and maybe even equity in Prime Hydration!

So it’s easy to imagine that with only 99 NFTs, the DAO, and Logan Paul 60 millions followers across all platforms, that each NFT is going to sell for tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds.

The sale starts on April 18th and 1 NFT will be put on sale each day until they sell the last one.

What About The Originals NFT Itself?

blurred wall covered with the 99 polaroids from Logan Paul originals NFT project

Again, watch the trailer.

From what we can see in it, you’re going to have polaroids of animals, a naked friend of LP, Jake Paul boxing Tyron Woodley, a monkey, LP in the hospital, Alec Monopoly private jet, a mermaid…

I have no doubt these shots are going to be epic!


Life isn’t short, you just go to do more

Logan Paul, 99 Originals Official Trailer

99 Originals Official Links

Watch this if you want to learn more about 99 Originals.

Now it would be cool to have someone buy one of the 99 of Originals and putting it on Liquid Marketplace so we can all own a piece of it. 🙏

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