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AMA #1 Sep 15, 21 | Ben Roth & Logan Paul

The team from CryptoZoo held an AMA on the Official Telegram group on Sep 15, 21.

It was over 1 hour, hosted by Ben Roth where he covered a lot about the future of CryptoZoo, including the marketplace, the next egg drops, the integration with other apps, the mini games, and more.

Logan Paul also popped up in the chat to talk about “his baby”.

He’s super excited about the project and can’t wait for us to play.

And we can’t wait either.

Take Aways

If you don’t want to go through the whole AMA (link below), here’s what’s up:

  • The marketplace is coming soon (before the end of September)
  • You’ll be able to see and trade eggs on the marketplace
  • The marketplace will be full of analytics including the total number of eggs, the number of unhatched eggs, the number of each animal, or each hybrid, etc
  • Future egg drops will be exclusively on the marketplace and in $zoo
  • Future eggs can be dinosaurs, insects, anime, dragons… (not only animals). They will all be different
  • Not all future egg drops will be able to breed with past animals
  • The bridge between Ethereum and BSC is in the work to make the game as accessible as possible
  • $zoo swap coming on CryptoZoo dApp (probably 2022) to make it easier to swap $zoo with other crypto
  • The project will be open source to have more developers joining the ecosystem
  • Mini games will be at the center of the CryptoZoo dApp (racing, battles, PVP, 2V2, 3V3…) and can allow players to earn $zoo tokens.
  • A CryptoZoo coliseum is in the work. No date or details for the moment.
  • They explore options to include hybrids into the metaverse.
  • We will see a sneak peak of the game (really) soon.
  • CryptoZoo has over 20 developers working full time on the project!
  • Marketing will start as the game gets released.
  • With the influencers involved in the project they have access to a community of over 100M people.
  • CryptoZoo.co store will be verified on OpenSea after the eggs are hatched.
  • The first of each animal hatched will be an exclusive NFT.
  • You’ll be able to see the parents of each hybrid on the marketplace.
  • If they release products featuring a specific animal, all the holders of that NFT will get a share of the revenue in $zoo.

That’s it for the first AMA.

Things sound really exciting and there’s a lot coming up.


Here’s an excellent recap of AMA #1 by Xoro.

Or you can listen to the full version here.

“Forget the moon, we’re going to the Zoo baby”

Ben Roth – CryptoZoo AMA #1

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