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CryptoZoo AMA #3 | Apr 14, 22 | Skip, Ben Roth, Manager Jeff, Greg from VATOM

It’s been forever since the last AMA so this new one was much needed to know what’s going on and where CryptoZoo is going.

This third AMA was on Twitter space between:

For this AMA, the mods on Discord added a channel where you could ask any questions you want.

So don’t forget to join the Discord if you want to ask your questions for the next AMA.

Key Takeaways From The AMA

If you don’t feel like listening to the whole 80 minutes (I don’t blame you), here’s what you need to know:

  • Mobile compatibility for the marketplace is coming soon
  • 3 full-time developers at VATOM work on CryptoZoo + many developers from the entire company are contributing to the different projects (marketplace, mini-games, bridge…).
  • Auction house is not a top priority. But if the community pushes hard for it, it can become one.
  • The whitepaper will be updated soon™ to reflect CryptoZoo actual functionalities and future plans
  • Roadmap will be updated at the same time as the whitepaper
  • The development team say they can do a monthly update on things that were done and share it with the community
  • 1/1 NFT is coming soon, at the same time as the updated roadmap and whitepaper.
  • First mini game is coming soon™
  • The burning of tokens from the marketplace sales will soon be automated. For now, they sit in a wallet until they get burnt.
  • Tiered rewards are not set yet. Details will be updated at the same time as the roadmap and whitepaper.
  • Logan Paul is absent from the project because of the issue with the past development team. But he’s ready to talk about CZ as soon as the project has a solid foundation and is ready to welcome a large number of investors.
  • Many contests and giveaways are coming soon to keep the community engaged.
  • Someone said they solved the riddle. The team is verifying it at the moment.
  • A 2nd egg drop is still on the roadmap. But the date hasn’t been decided yet. It will probably be at the same time as marketing.
  • The Last Unhatched Egg could get on Liquid Marketplace if it’s really the last the unhatched egg, and the owner decides to list it there.
  • Manager Jeff reiterated that the project is here for the long term. LP is still involved in it and is ready to market it whenever it’s ready for mass adoption.

Here’s the whole AMA if you feel like listening to it.

Thanks to CryptoZoo page and CryptoXJ for recording the AMA and uploading it to YouTube.

Don’t forget to subscribe to his Youtube channel and follow @cryptozoopage for more updated.

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