Here’s everything we know so far about CryptoZoo animals.

Must Know

  • There are 350 base animals 😲
  • Each base animal can breed 7 times
  • After you bred your animal 7 times, the NFT is automatically burned
  • Each animal yield $ZOO tokens everyday (from 121 $ZOO for the most common base animals, up to 64,218 $ZOO for the a mythical hybrid)
  • You can only receive the yield accumulated by your animal if you free it (when you burn the NFT)
  • Hybrids are sterile
  • You’ll be able to play games with the animals (battles, racing…)

Base Animals

There are 5 types of base animals from the Gen 1 egg drop:

  • Common (55%)
  • Uncommon (31%)
  • Rare (12.5%)
  • Super Rare (1%)
  • Epic (0.5%)
cryptozoo common base animals
Common Base Animals
cryptozoo uncommon base animals
Uncommon Base Animals
cryptozoo rare base animals
Rare Base Animals
cryptozoo super rare base animals
Super Rare Base Animals
cryptozoo epic base animals
Epic Base Animals

Thanks to you can check how many animals of each type have been hatched so far.


Base animals can be mixed to create hybrids.

Each hybrid can be one of the 6 visuals possible, each with a different rarity.

cryptozoo hybrid options for breeding an elephant and a panda
Different NFTs for the hybrid between an Elephant and a Panda

Here are examples of hybrids shared by CryptoZoo Official account.

📚 Learn more about hybrids


Each animal yield $ZOO tokens daily.

Of course, the rarest they are, the most $ZOO they yield.

Here’s how much $ZOO tokens yield each type of rarity:

For base animals

  • Common: 121 $ZOO / day
  • Uncommon: 212 $ZOO / day
  • Rare: 507 $ZOO / day
  • Super Rare: 1,008 $ZOO / day
  • Epic: 1,510 $ZOO / day

For hybrids

  • Common: 145 $ZOO / day
  • Uncommon: between 339 and 1,065 $ZOO / day
  • Rare: between 1,268 and 6,552 $ZOO / day
  • Super Rare: between and 7,056 and 18,120 $ZOO / day
  • Epic: between 24,160 and 31,710 $ZOO / day
  • Legendary: 47,257 $ZOO / day
  • Mythical: 64,852 $ZOO / day

The thing is, to get $ZOO from the yield in your wallet, you need to release the animal (or in other words, burn the NFT).

📚 Learn more about yield

How To See Your Animals In Your Wallet?

The animals are ERC721 tokens both on the Ethereum Network and on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

To see them in your wallet you simply need to add the token.

In your wallet:

  • Click on “Add Token”
  • Token Address
    • BSC: 0xb6a988721fac6805e991b3ac7cb295a0b6cdbd38
    • ETH: 0x9be46efa5e99de9b1ba7219f90c8b77293d83255
  • Token Symbol: ANML
  • Token Decimal: 0
add token in metamask cryptozoo anml on bsc


How many base animals are there?

There are 16 types of base animals.

How many times can you breed each base animal?

You can breed each base animal 7 times. After the 7th time, they become sterile and get released (the NFT gets burnt). Hybrids are sterile.

What is Logan Paul favorite animal?

LP said in the first AMA that his favorite animal is the hybrid between the bear and the lion. The Bearlion!

How much $ZOO can I earn from my base animal?

You can earn anywhere between 121 and 1,510 $ZOO tokens per day depending on your base animal’s rarity.

Any questions about the animals?

Ask us anything in the comments below.

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