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Who is Ben Roth? CryptoZoo Head of Community

If you joined CryptoZoo on Telegram or Discords (links here), I’m sure you have heard of Ben Roth, the head of community at CryptoZoo.

We don’t know a lot about him, except that he’s the guy that over promise and under deliver and the one that is under fire every time something is delayed or going wrong with the project.

More seriously, he’s the (much need) connection between CryptoZoo team, and us, the community.

When we have a question about CryptoZoo, or something to complain about, he’s the guy we talk to.

He’s the one that go back and forth between the community and the developers and keep us to date with what’s really going on.

He’s the one who post on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.. and the one who’s asked 100 times a day “Wen Lambo?” “what contract?”.

That’s a tough job, but he’s working with the best community in the world.

What a lucky guy.

What Do We Know About Ben Roth?

Not much, the guy is a pretty mysterious.

He told us he’s living on the west coast of the US, probably around Los Angeles.

He said he’s been in the crypto industry since 2016/2017, he loves pizza (I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere), collect NFTs, doesn’t sleep much, doesn’t have Instagram, and he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight.

He also told us he doesn’t want to go on Impaulsive, show his face to the community, or become famous (even though he kind of is already anyway).

With all that being said, we can feel like he’s doing he’s best to help the awesome CryptoZoo community and that he’s really passionate about the project.

Maybe one day we’ll have a face reveal, or we’ll actually see an interview of Ben Roth and have a chance to learn more about it.

Who knows.

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