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Breeding And Yield Are Live!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here.

After over 7 months of wait since the genesis eggs were released to the world, CryptoZoo Breeding and Yield are finally live!

From today (March 7th, 2022), you can now breed your animals and start earning yield from them.

We’re pumped!

Breeding Is Live!

That’s right:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Go to “My Zoo”
  4. Select an animal
  5. Click on “Breed”
  6. Select the second parent
  7. Click on “Breed” one more time
  8. You’re done!

We made a complete step by step guide to show you how to breed.

And everything you need to know about breeding is here.

Let’s start breeding!

Yield Is Live Too!

That’s right, all your animals and hybrids are now starting to earn yield.

Not only they start accumulating yield from today, but according to Ben, they started to accumulate yield from the day they were born.

So if for example you hatched an Orca on November 5th (Hatch Day), like the one below, you’ve been earning 212 $ZOO per day since then.

In other words, as of today you have an accrued yield of 26,076 $ZOO. 🔥

Not bad!

yield of an orca on cryptozoo marketplace

All you need to know about yield is here.

What Else?

The release of the 2 new features also came with a new design for the marketplace.

The new UI is way better compared to the old one. And of course it include all the info about yield and breeding (parents of an hybrid, how many times a base animal have been bred, daily and accrued yield…)

We’re going to update our marketplace guide to show you the new design and features.

But here’s to show you the difference between the two.

CryptoZoo Marketplace
This is the marketplace old design
Cryptozoo marketplace new design animals for sale
The new design of the marketplace

On top of these new features and the new marketplace UI, CryptoZoo also announced their new development team: VATOM!

We’re going to make a separate post on that.

To read more about the release of breeding and yield, read Ben Roth post on CryptoZoo blog.

And to watch the new marketplace and breeding in action, watch CryptoXJ‘s video.

Did you start breeding?

What did you get? And how much does it yield?

Share it with us in the comments.

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