thumbnail of the video Youtube by the Youtuber Coffeezilla where he exposes Logan Paul cryptozoo project

Coffeezilla Expose Logan Paul

After the project was rugged by Logan Paul and his team, the community was left in the dark with no hope.

But it looks like the Youtuber Coffeezilla decided to put some light on what happened with the project.

Here’s what he shared.

Episode 1: Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam

In this video he covers

Episode 2: The Biggest Fraud in Logan Paul’s Scam

In this 2nd video he talks about the mysterious Eddie Ibanez and how he lied about his past, experience as a developer, and f*cked CryptoZoo.

Episode 3: Ending Logan Paul’s Biggest Scam

This it the 3rd and final part.

Thanks to to Coffeezilla for investigating what happened with the project and how we get there.

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Coffeezilla on Cryptozoo Art

Back in September 2021, Coffezilla already made a video on Cryptozoo to make fun of the “hand made art” used for the project.

Here’s the video.

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