Coffeezilla talking about Cryptozoo and Logan Paul on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Coffeezilla On Joe Rogan Podcast Talking About CryptoZoo

It looks like nothing can stop Coffeezilla.

After being on Lex Fridman in December, he was invited to the Joe Rogan Experience.

On the episode released on Spotify 7 March 2023, Coffee talked about us!

Here’s a clip where he mentions what is CryptoZoo and what happened with the project.

Nothing new for the community, but once again, it’s putting Logan Paul under the spotlight and shows to a bigger audience what CryptoZoo is (or was supposed to be).

So far, it has been almost 2 months since we last heard of Logan Paul after he announced he would make sure the game gets finished and to refund those who bought eggs the ones and who want to exit the project (is it still a project at this point?).

Coffeezilla Video About JRE

Coffeezilla just posted a video on his Youtube channel to say he was on Logan Paul, and judging by his thumbnail and the first part of the video, he’s not done with Logan Paul.

In this video he says that:

  • So far Logan Paul didn’t refund anyone
  • The community didn’t hear back from Logan Paul since his last announced and is asking him (Coffeezilla) for support
  • He (Coffeezilla) reached out to Logan twice by private message but was left on read with no response.
screenshot of a private chat between Coffeezilla and Logan Paul about CryptoZoo

So what’s next for Coffeezilla?

He’s probably going to continue exposing scams and fakes.

Good for him

And what’s next for CryptoZoo?

We don’t f*cking know.

Let’s see.

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