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CryptoZoo Community Talk #4

The best thing about this project is the community around it.

The #1 CryptoZoo Community twitter account,@cryptozoopage, put together another Community Talk on Jan 11, 2022.

In this talk

Special guests

What was discussed?

A bit of everything.

From the newly released marketplace to the future of CryptoZoo, it was nice to get everyone’s point of view on where the project is, where it’s heading, the strategies to grow your Zoo, and to get some much needed updates from Ben.

The recording from the talk is linked below, and here are timestamps to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • [0:00] Intro – State of CryptoZoo
  • [4:20] The marketplace
  • [11:10] Timing for new updates (Breeding, yield, marketplace improvements)
  • [13:20] Community Reward
  • [18:00] Price of $zoo token
  • [23:20] Purchases on the marketplace
  • [25:30] Strategies (holding tokens vs eggs vs animals)
  • [31:45] Ben Roth joins the talk
  • [25:30] KSI x Logan Paul Prime Hydration launch
  • [40:50] CryptoZoo whale joins the talk
  • [49:20] Community Q&A – What are you thoughts on mini games?
  • [1:00:30] Community Q&A – What marketing do you expect from Logan Paul?
  • [1:09:30] Community Q&A – Who do you think the new dev team is?
  • [1:15:40] Community Q&A – How Ben Roth got involved in CryptoZoo?
  • [1:25:10] Community Q&A – Will breeding come before yield?
  • [1:15:40] Community Q&A – How Ben Roth got involved in CryptoZoo?
  • [1:29:40] Project update from Ben Roth
  • [1:41:30] Community Q&A – Do you think that CryptoZoo is going to outrun the bear market?
  • [1:52:30] Community Q&A – What is the strategy to keep CryptoZoo accessible to the masses as the price rises?
  • [1:52:30] Community Q&A – Who are the investors in CryptZoo?

Listen To The Community Talk

Don’t forget to follow @cryptozoopage to know when the next Community talk is.

And thanks to @cryptoxj for putting it together.

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