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CryptoZoo Dev Q&A #1

Before we get to the video, Ben Roth (CryptoZoo head of community/community manager) went on Telegram for a “Fireside CryptoZoo Chat” where he answered a few questions and concerns about the project.

Here’s what we learned from it:

About V4 (or what people call it at least)

“There is no such thing as V4. It has nothing to do with CryptoZoo. Hard stop.”

There’s a new landing page coming soon with updated roadmap.

We have a date for hatch day (November 3), with a lot of marketing planned leading to it.

Yes, the 1.5 billions $zoo tokens have been burnt in v3 (see hash on BscScan).

We hope that clears some concerns some people might have.

Now let’s get back to the video.

So, What’s New?

The CryptoZoo Dev Q&A #1 is a video between Ben Roth and Eddie Ibanez (CryptoZoo lead developer) talking about what’s coming up on CryptoZoo.

Here are the takeaways from their chat.

  • There will be no more token migration. The previous changes were about security updates. The final version is V3 (ending in 669).
  • Integrations with other games, brands and real life uses are in the work.
  • Lots of mini games are in development.
  • Cryptozoo animals will be available in the metaverse.
  • Future egg drops could be collaborations with other artists, content creators, and brands.
  • Hatch day is on November 3rd! You’ll be able to open (or not) your eggs from that date.
  • Auction house is coming before hatch day. No specific date.
  • PixelPlex is coming to help bring more utility to the project. They bring their long experience with blockchains projects to make CryptoZoo even more awesome.

Click here to see the video on Youtube.

Welcome to the Zoo!

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    1. You need to add the new token (contract: 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669) in your wallet (step by step instructions here). The tokens should have been airdropped automatically there, with an extra 1.1 million tokens if you were holding tokens in v2.

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