Logan Paul X post about the buyback and refund of CryptoZoo

CryptoZoo Refund: Logan Paul Did It!

CryptoZoo project has been a real rollercoaster.

From the chaotic minting of the genesis eggs, to the many times the whole team behind the project changed, to Coffeezilla investigations and very popular videos on the topic.

The story of CryptoZoo will be perfect for a documentary show on Netflix.

And there’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened behind the scenes.

So let’s cross our fingers that one day we’ll have one.

In the meantime, we’re closing a new chapter.

After promising a refund at the beginning of the year, and 4 months of wait, Logan Paul has done it!

He refunded people who bought the NFTs!

With a lot of conditions that we already talked about on this website.

Most of the conditions are listed in this email.

screenshot of the email receiving regarding CryptoZoo NFT buyback

Like the fact that the refund is only for people who owned base eggs and animals.

Nothing for the people who owned hybrids or bought the $ZOO token.

We believe it’s not the last time we hear from CryptoZoo, there are still a lot of revelations to come about the original team.

Who were really Eddie Ibanez and Ben Roth and what did they do for the project to crash?

Those who received the refund also received a weird email saying

As a token of his appreciation for participating in the Buy-back and for your continued support, Mr. Paul would like to send you a gift.

email from the CryptoZoo NFT Buy Back Team on April 2024

What is it?

Who knows.

But that’s it, for the moment at least.

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