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Eddie Ibanez on American Consequences Podcast by Trish Regan

Bored while waiting for breeding and yielding to drop? So are we.

While the devs are hard at work developing the new functionalities, Trish Regan, an ex television host, dropped a podcast with no other than Eddie Ibanez, CryptoZoo lead developer.

In this chat, Eddie and Trish talk about Eddie’s background, cryptocurrency, its impact on the society, how it will replace the banks, the future of the blockchain technology, including NFTs, Web 3, DAOs and more.

It’s a really interesting talk for people who are new to crypto and not yet familiar with all its uses.

If you’re here only for CryptoZoo though and you’re already into crypto, you can skip most of the podcast.

We’ve selected for you the parts that talk about CryptoZoo so you can save some precious time.

Parts Of The Podcast About CryptoZoo

Jump right to the most interesting parts:

  • [13.35] $ZOO token utility
  • [15:24] How CryptoZoo came about
  • [33:04] Hybrid animals
  • [41:44] Getting into CryptoZoo

Not on Spotify? Click below to see all the links to get the podcast on your favorite platform:

If you don’t know who Eddie Ibanez is and what roles he plays in CryptoZoo, click here to learn more about him.

Have you listened to the podcast? What do you think about it?

Let us know in the comments. 👇

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