Eddie Ibanez

Who is Eddie Ibanez? CryptoZoo Lead Developer

If you’ve never heard of Eddie Ibanez before, you’re going to love that he’s part of CryptoZoo in a bit..

Eddie is the lead developer of CryptoZoo and all I can say is we’re super happy to have someone as passionate and excited about the project as he is.

What Do We Know About Eddie Ibanez?

Eddie Ibanez is an American tech entrepreneur, data scientist, and cybersecurity expert.

He spent most of his teen years hacking websites from his bedroom before he joined the MIT and went on to work to government agencies in cyber security.

There, he created software that help the government reverse engineer the location of terrorists.

He’s got 3 kids, who he said multiple times, love to play CryptoZoo. So much that his daughter was apparently telling her teachers that her dad was creating hybrids animals at his office.

You can’t make that up.

Listen To Eddie Ibanez Talk About CryptoZoo

You can learn more Eddie Ibanez and his role in CryptoZoo by listening to these interviews.

Needless to say, we’re super thrilled to have Eddie Ibanez working on CryptoZoo and we can’t wait to see the game and what he’s work look like.

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26 thoughts on “Who Is Eddie Ibanez?”

  1. Eddie Ibanez the man who lied about so much. No wonder Cryptozoo is such a massive flop what’s scammed millions. What a fucking joke crypto is in general. Fucking ponzu schemes everywhere. Fuck anyone who’s anything to do with crypto

  2. He’s fake as fuck and you are retarded for believing him. So is Chris Burch, Todd Morley, and Logan Paul.

    Why are you such a fucktard

  3. Dumbfuck ur soo fucking stupid do you have two working neurons?

    Fucking imbecile. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  4. “He’s got 3 kids, who he said multiple times, love to play CryptoZoo. So much that his daughter was apparently telling her teachers that her dad was creating hybrids animals at his office.

    You can’t make that up.”

    Well he did make all of that up…

  5. Filthy scammer, you stole people’s hard earned money. Imagine flexing that to your kid. Crypto is mostly a scam, it is bleeding tech and still at research phase.

  6. Luckily i didnt have much money neither was i a big fan of logan to invest but lets be real you guys arent genius and chances are that you will get scammed if you want to get rich and invest. your stuff will get stolen and you might get robbed. you dont need to rub salt on people’s wound or kiss their ass.

  7. this is like watching shit hit the fan in slo motion and im loving every second of it
    this retard watched one too many movies were kids hack into the pentagon or some shit and decided “yep thats me “

  8. hahahahahahahah crypto losers. brainwashed troglodytes. why do u believe in crypto, that too an influencer led project? it really amazes me

  9. The previous comments LMAO! But Seriously, this guy is a fucking loser and a cautionary tale. I hope he is tortured by shame.I hope his world is collapsing around him, sleepless nights filled with wretched anxiety so bad that it makes his bones ache. Sour stomach pulsating with such guilt over what human dog shit he is that it shakes his core to the realization that he should just hide away for the rest of his life because nobody is ever going to like you again, believe you again or trust u again….But he’s prob a sociopath, so prob not.

  10. Eddie's Foster Family

    Eddie Ibanez is an absolute piece of shit human being. He’s literally a walking scam artist, with almost no conscience or morals. He lies constantly about everything, and loves fleecing anyone who is dumb enough to believe his endless strands of bullshit. If a large, festering monkey turd covered in piss could be converted into a person, it would be Eddie Ibanez.


      OHHH PLEASE!!! Let’s not forget the original mastermind was Logan Paul, who wanted to scam everybody!! Except, he was left outside of the bank with his pants down and the cops had already surrounded the place!! HIM AND HIS CREW WERE CAUGHT RED HANDED!!
      Let’s hope that Karma will come back around and do diligence!!!

  11. Let’s not forget that Logan Paul planned on stealing money first with the entire team as a whole, but Eddie Ibanez and the other clown (can’t remember his name) began selling off ahead of schedule. Basically, he took a ride to rob the bank with the rest of his group of scammers (manager, assistant), but Eddie and the other guy eluded the bank first, leaving him and his coconspirators with their pants down and the cops outside the bank, caught red handed! In my opinion, this is worse than his suicide forest charade! This guy and his crew deserve to be exiled in a slow and ruthlessly painful manner for all the damage and turmoil they’ve caused their own ‘fans’! Hopefully, good old Miss Darling Karma will take care of these bad individuals, sooner than later!

  12. all these comments are right wing bots. fuck off you bots Logan Paul would never ever rip off this fans, he is a honest man trying to make a cool game for us!!!!
    lots go Logan

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