There are no animals in CryptoZoo without eggs

Whether you have one of the 10,000 base eggs, or one of the golden eggs that was created from breeding, there is no Zoo with eggs.

2 Different Types of Eggs

There are 2 differents types of eggs in CryptoZoo.

Base Eggs

cryptozoo base egg spinning

The OG eggs. There was 10,000 base eggs minted in September 2022.

All base eggs contain base animals.

Thanks to the incredible community member behind, you can see in real time how many eggs and what animals have been hatched.

Golden Eggs

cryptozoo golden egg spinning

Golden eggs are created when you breed 2 animals together.

They look different from base eggs, and can contain either a base animal or an hybrid.

How to know what’s inside?

In the marketplace, click on a golden egg to see his parents.

details of a golden egg in cryptozoo marketplace


How many base eggs there is?

There is 10,000 base eggs, for the genesis collection released on September 5, 2022. You can see how many of the base eggs are still unhatched on

Are we going to have more base eggs?

Yes. CryptoZoo plan to release more collection of 10,000 eggs. But the next collections will probably not be animals.

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