How To Breed An Animal?

Here’s a step by step guide with images to show you how to breed animals on CryptoZoo.

1. Go to the marketplace

Go to

⚠️ Always click on the official link and check the URL. Don’t connect your wallet to third party websites.

connecting to cryptozoo marketplace to breed animals

2. Connect Your Wallet

connect your wallet to cryptozoo marketplace

3. Pick the Animal You Want To Breed

  • Go to My Zoo
  • Click on the animal you want to breed
  • Click on Breed
click on breed to click animal on cryptozoo my zoo

4. Select The Animal You Want To Mate It With

choose mate for breeding in cryptozoo my zoo

5. Breed

  • Click on Breed
  • Confirm the transaction on the screen and in your wallet

πŸ’° It cost the equivalent of $2.5 in $ZOO to breed an animal. (don’t have $ZOO yet? Here’s how to buy some)

6. You Laid An Egg!

Congrats, you now laid an egg and your animal is coming soonℒ️.

You can choose to wait 36 hours to hatch it, or to cool it down to hatch it instantly.

7. Hatch The Egg

  • Go to My Zoo
  • Select the Golden Egg
  • Click on Hatch
  • Confirm the transaction on screen and in your wallet

8. Congrats, You Bred Your First Animal!

Your hybrid will now appear in your Zoo shortly.

hybrid created from breeding in cryptozoo my zoo

Screenshots from Crypto XJ Youtube channel. Go subscribe to his channel for CryptoZoo updates.

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