How To Buy Eggs?

Your adventure on CryptoZoo start with eggs.

Buy eggs and hatch them to receive animals, start playing the game, and earn yield.

On OpenSea With ETH

⚠️ Only buy from the official store on OpenSea. opensea store
🥚 Only buy eggs from “” on OpenSea. Pay attention to how it is spelled to avoid scams.

How to buy eggs with ETH?

  1. Buy Ethereum on Binance
  2. Go to
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Go to official store
  5. Buy eggs

On CryptoZoo Marketplace With $ZOO

How to buy eggs on CryptoZoo?

  1. Buy $ZOO tokens
  2. Go to
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Go to Eggs
  5. Use the filter to find the right egg
  6. Click on the egg
  7. Click on Buy

Note: All transactions on CryptoZoo marketplace are in $ZOO.

How To See Your Eggs In Your Wallet?

The eggs are ERC721 tokens both on the Ethereum Network and on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

To see them in your wallet you need to add the token.

In your wallet:

  • Click on “Add Token”
  • Token Address
    • BSC: 0xad9282bD580Ba3D17603de9dE1113234AC829686
    • ETH: 0xccee4d557588e982ecf3a2391d718c76589d8af9
  • Token Symbol: EGG
  • Token Decimal: 0
add token in metamask cryptozoo egg on bsc

Now you can see the number of eggs or animals you have on CryptoZoo.


When is the next egg drop?

The next egg drop will be in Q3 2022.

Where will be the next egg drop?

It was confirmed by the team that future egg drops will be only on CryptoZoo marketplace and you can only buy them with $ZOO.

What animals will be in the next egg drop?

The second egg drop will not contain base animals. It will be a different type of animals (or maybe not animals at all).

What cryptocurrency can you use to buy eggs?

Why some eggs are spinning and other are not?

There is no difference between the eggs, it’s just a metadata issue on Opensea’s end. To get your egg to spin, click on the egg and in the top right corner there is an arrow called “Refresh Metadata”, this should make the egg spin once finished queuing.

When can I hatch my eggs?

You can now hatch your egg in the dApp or in the marketplace.

How many eggs have been hatched?

You can check how many eggs have been hatched in real time on

cryptozoo zoo coin logo

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