How To Buy ZOO Tokens?

Ready to join the action?!

To buy eggs, hatch them, and breed the animals, you need $ZOO tokens.

Here’s how to buy them through PancakeSwap.

How To Buy $ZOO Tokens – Step By Step

1. Create a Metamask or a Trust Wallet Wallet

2. Buy BNB and send them to your wallet

⚠️ Make sure you send them to a BSC wallet address, not Ethereum.

3. Swap your BNB for $ZOO Token on PancakeSwap

  • Go to PancakeSwap
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click on “Trade Now”
  • Add the contract 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669
  • Select the amount of BNB you want to swap for $ZOO tokens

📝 don’t forget to keep BNB in your wallet to pay for gas fees (transaction fees)

4. Add the token to your wallet

  • Click on “add token” in your wallet
    • Token address: 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669
    • Token symbol: zoo
    • Token decimal: 18

You’re done. Welcome to the zoo!

Now that you have $ZOO tokens, it’s time to buy eggs or animals.

Official CryptoZoo Contract


⚠️ $ZOO is a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Token


How much is $ZOO token right now?

You can see the price of $ZOO token in real time on PooCoin.

Where can I buy $ZOO tokens?

The best place to buy $ZOO tokens is PancakeSwap.

What is ZOO token contract address?

The only contract address for CryptoZoo token is 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669 on the Binance Smart Chain. Do not buy $ZOO tokens from any other contract address.

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  1. I took out $4000 from my 401k and pawned my engagement ring to support my favorite content creator, Jake Paul’s brother. Then the $ZOO coin crashed and I’m getting a divorce next November. Thanks Jake Paul.

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