How To Earn $ZOO?

You have 3 options to earn $ZOO tokens on CryptoZoo.


Every animal (base animals and hybrids) earn yield daily (from 121 to 64,000 $ZOO per day).

So you can buy and breed animals to earn more daily yield.

But it’s not like staking tokens. The tokens earned by your animals don’t get transferred to their owner’s wallet every day.

πŸ‘‰ How to earn yield?

sharkphant receiving yield in zoo tokens

But there’s a catch.

Releasing Your Animal(s)

The only way to get the yield accumulated by your animal(s) over its lifetime, it’s to free it.

In other words, you need to burn the NFT to receive the $ZOO tokens from the NFT.

By releasing the animal, you earn the tokens it accumulated, but you loose your animal forever.

So what will you choose to do?

Think about your strategy.

CryptoZoo Arcade

CryptoZoo Arcade coming soon banner

The third way to earn $ZOO tokens is to play mini games on the CryptoZoo Arcade.

Right now the arcade only offers a scratch game called “Hatch Scratcher”.

But the team has more games in the work, and they can even help you create your own CryptoZoo mini game if you want to.

  • What is CryptoZoo Arcade? Coming soonℒ️

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