logan paul and KSI drinking prime hydration from the bottle

Logan Paul Launches

In an Instagram live in front of over 500k viewers yesterday (Jan 4, 2020), Logan Paul announced the launch of Prime Hydration, a sports drink ,in partnership with the English Youtuber KSI.

What does it has to do with CryptoZoo?

Well, the product itself, not much, but it shows one more time how powerful Logan Paul reach is.

Even without posting much on social media recently, and with only 6 new videos on his Youtube channel in 2021 (his biggest account in term of number of subscribers), Logan Paul still manage to move big numbers (with the help of KSI, I give it to you).

In less than 24 hours, @drinkprime first post had over 500k likes, and the Instagram account is already at 430k followers!!

first instagram post of drink prime hydration instagram account with logan paul and KSI

That explains why so many in the CryptoZoo community believe the potential for the project is insane.

With barely any marketing, and only a few Instagram stories from Logan, CZ already have over 20,000 holders, the first egg launch sold out in seconds.

Now with the breeding and yield around the corner (planned for early Q1), $zoo is about to get off the roof.

The perfect time to pile on $zoo tokens, eggs, and animals is now!

When the game get released, and Logan Paul unleash the marketing, no doubt the price will skyrocket. 🚀

You’re warned. 😉

About Prime Hydration

Prime Hydration was created to compete head to head with the big sports drink of this world, like Gatorade, Powerade, Body Armor and others.

Logan said it’s what he used to recover during his training for the fight with Mayweather.

As for what’s inside, according to Paul:

– 20 calories

– 850 mg electrolytes

– 250 mg BCAA’s

– 10% coconut water

Prime Hydration will be available in 5 flavors: grape, orange, lemon-lime, blue raspberry, & tropical punch. 🥊

Follow Prime Hydration on Instagram @drinkprime.

And if you want more details on how the project came to life, here’s KSI and Logan talking about it in Impaulsive EP. 309.

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