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Logan Paul Response To Coffeezilla

Logan Paul responded on his Youtube channel to Coffeezilla 3 part series on Cryptozoo.

Here’s the video.


video unavailable youtube video has been removed by the uploader

Update: January 8, 2023

logan paul response about coffeezilla video in cryptozoo discord

Logan Paul has removed the video, apologized to Coffeezilla and said he will come up with a plan for the future of Cryptozoo.

He has since apologized to Coffeezilla and the community in a new video.

Summary Of The Video

Here’s a quick summary of Logan Paul answers to Coffeezilla videos:

  • Zach Kelling, the CTO of Zoo Lab, was the person in charge of the development at the origin of the project. He’s apparently a convicted felon and never delivered the project.
  • Eddie Ibanez, CryptoZoo ex lead developer, is in reality a con man who fooled billionaires, the mormon church, the NY Yankees, and Logan Paul. He was removed from the team when Logan and his team found out he was “a bad actor”.
  • Cryptoking Jake (who’s Twitter account has now be suspended) was removed the project when it was revealed he had bad attentions toward the project.
  • As opposed to what Coffeezilla say in one of his video, you can hatch and breed animals in the market (ndlr: although you can’t bridge ETH eggs anymore, so if you have ETH eggs, you can’t hatch right now)
  • The development of CryptoZoo is ongoing and coming in 2023/24
  • Logan Paul say Coffeezilla need a lawyer (is he really going to sue him?!)

Response From The Community

From the comments under the video, and the chats in CryptoZoo discord, the community isn’t convinced about Logan’s video or his good intentions.

Especially about the part where Logan said “who are you to decide when the development timeline ends”?

The community answer is, the roadmap decides when the timeline ends.

And well, it ended in Q3 2022.

And Ben Roth, the Soonβ„’ community manager said multiple times big things were coming when obviously nothing was coming.

Where was Logan Paul then?

So now let’s see what next.

Will CryptoZoo survive?

What do you think about Logan Paul response to Coffeezilla?

Let us know in the comments. πŸ‘‡

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