Screenshot of the website

New Website

It has been a while since Logan Paul promised a refund to the CryptoZoo Community.

So long in fact that someone decided to create a website with a time counter that shows how long it has been.

You can see on the website:

  • If the refund was paid (if you see this big red NO, it means we’re still waiting for the refund).
  • If Logan is broke (and videos proving that he isn’t)
  • What victims of the scam have to say about it (including screenshots from CryptoZoo Discord).
Screenshot of the website

It is going to help get the refund faster?

Probably not.

But at least it helps keep the conversation going.

How long will it be before we see a refund?

New Scam in CryptoZoo Discord

By the way, if you’re in CryptoZoo Discord, pay attention to this new scam that just popped up.

Someone is messaging people from Discord to tell them to visit a website to see the refund.

private message trying to scam people in CryptoZoo Discord


And more importantly:


It’s probably a scam, and we lost enough money with that project, we don’t need someone to rug our wallet. 😄

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