Meet CryptoZoo Team

Until the launch of the official CryptoZoo website later this month, we don’t know much about the CryptoZoo team.

But we already know the key people in the project.

Logan Paul (Founder)

Logan Paul profile

It takes a wild mind to imagine something as crazy and ambitious as CryptoZoo.

After conquering Vine, Youtube, and boxing, Logan Paul is ready to take over the NFT space with a project unlike any other: CryptoZoo.

With LP’s energy and huge following behind it, this project can only go to the moon!

When you know his passion for Pokemon and NFTs, you quickly understand where the idea of a game on the blockchain with fun creatures comes from.

Manager Jeff

photo of Jeffrey Levin aka Manager Jeff in the desert in Qatar

Jeffrey Levin, aka Manager Jeff, has been Logan Paul’s manager and right hand for a long time.

He is the one in charge of turning LP’s ideas and creativity into real projects.

Jeff is in charge of finding and keeping an eye on the team who will develop CryptoZoo into the best crypto project we’ve ever seen.

Ben Roth (Head of Community)

Ben Roth profile pic

The mysterious and pseudo anonymous Ben Roth is CryptoZoo head of community and community manager of the official CryptoZoo social media accounts.

If you’re joining the Telegram or Discord, he’s the boss there and the one to listen to.

Follow him and CryptoZoo on social media to follow what exciting thing is coming next.