cryptozoo eggs crossing a bridge

The ETH/BSC Bridge is Here

We’ve all been hearing about it since the project launched back in September 2021, and it’s finally here: THE BRIDGE!

Finally, holders of eggs on the Ethereum blockchain (that’s 4,160 eggs out of the 10,000 minted!) can now transfer them to the Binance Smart Chain.

That’s good news for holders of ETH eggs because even though they can hatch on the ethereum blockchain, breeding and yield are only available to animals on the Binance Smart Chain for the moment.

cryptozoo eggs crossing a bridge between ethereum and binance smart chain blockchains

How Does The Bridge Work?

Below is a brief overview of how it works!

  • ETH eggs will now appear over on
  • Go to my ZOO, open the filters on the left corner, and sort your eggs by network
  • Select your ETH egg and press “hatch.” (you can see an ETH symbol next to your egg)
  • Once you press “hatch”, (make sure to read the prompt before doing so!) your ETH egg will be sent to a dead address which will initiate a transfer (keep ETH to pay for gas fee)
  • Your base animal will hatch on the BSC Network

**The BSC network will be automatically added to your wallet should you choose to hatch.**

Makes sense?

To clarify a few things.

Your ETH eggs aren’t sent to the BSC blockchain. 👀

Instead, when you connect your wallet to the market, and you decide to hatch an ETH egg, it is destroyed and you receive an animal on the Binance Smart Chain.

So to be clear, if you have an ETH egg, you can’t “send it” to BSC and sell it on the marketplace.

You can only bridge it if you decide to hatch it. At least for now.

Read CryptoZoo blog to learn more about the bridge (and what’s coming soon™️!)

What’s next? We’re busy building!

The blog post also revealed more about what the team is working on.

  • We’ll enable support of being able to transfer your ETH Base Animals over to BSC.
  • Allowing ZooKeepers to seamlessly bounce back and forth between both ETH and BSC.
  • CryptoZoo Metaverse, ZooKeepers will be able to interact with one another in cool unique, and undiscovered ways!
  • Games, games, games! ZooKeepers will be able to compete, play, and truly PLAY TO EARN!
  • We’re exploring ways to make the ZOO token more accessible.

It’s good to hear there’s a lot in the work and the team is actively building.

Do you think they’re talking about listing $ZOO on exchanges when they say “We’re exploring ways to make the ZOO token more accessible.”? 😲

What are you most excited about?

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