Cryptozoo marketplace version 1 released on Dec 31st 2021

The Marketplace is Live!

After a lot of delays, CryptoZoo marketplace is finally live!

We’ve been waiting for months, and it’s finally here, a few hours before 2022, on the last day of Q4 2021!

You can now buy and sell BSC eggs and animals (ETH coming next year) on

Limited Functionalities

v1 of cryptozoo marketplace to buy animals

So far what you can do on the marketplace is pretty limited.

  • You can list your eggs and animals (BSC only)
  • Buy eggs and animals (BSC only) at a fixed price

No auction yet, the eggs and animals on the Ethereum network aren’t listed either, and the filters for the animals are pretty basic (rarity, species, type).

But hey, that’s a start.

At least we finally have the marketplace.

Those who were stuck with their BSC eggs and animals can finally sell them.

And it’s a good time to grow your Zoo at a discounted price before the marketing starts.

Ben Roth announced that more functionalities will be added in the coming weeks so we’ll make sure to keep you posted when they do.

$Zoo Tokens Are Being Burnt

cryptozoo burn address on January 1 2022

With the marketplace now live, 2.5% of every transactions made on it are burn in the process. (and an extra 2.5% is sent to the game’s treasury)ΓΉ

Not only the marketplace finally brings utility to the $zoo token, but it’s also reducing the supply which we all know will help the price increase in the long term.

You can check how many $zoo tokens have been burnt here.

Learn More About The Marketplace

Our page on the marketplace is also live!

Check it out to learn how to use it and what functionalities are available.

And before more news are announced, you can read CryptoZoo latest blog post to get more information about the new marketplace.

Also check out Ruddie’s video to get an overview of the Marketplace.

Now tell us. What did you buy or sell on the marketplace so far?

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