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Vatom Joins CryptoZoo Team

According to the announcement made during the release of breeding and yield, there’s now a new developper team working on CryptoZoo called Vatom.

Is it good news? No idea. That’s what we’re going to see.

What Is VATOM Working On With CryptoZoo?

According to what Ben Roth (CZ Community Manager) said in the Discord recently, Vatom takes care of “All development”.

Ben Roth talking about VATOM in cryptozoo discord

So from now on, whether CryptoZoo works or not, that’s on Vatom! 😄

Let’s see the positive side, at least, we finally know who’s developing the project after a lot of speculation on who was working behind the scene.

But who is Vatom and do they have experience developing this kind of project?

It looks like it.

Who Is Vatom?

vatom logo

Never heard of Vatom?

That’s fine, neither did we until now.

According to their website:

At Vatom our mission is to enable both companies and individuals to easily engage directly with the emerging Web3

Source: Vatom About Us page

It doesn’t make sense to you?

It’s not really clear to us either.

But when you look at the rest of their website, you can see that since 2015 they’ve been helping companies create Smart NFTs and connect the digital and the real world.

And that’s good because part of what Cryptozoo wants to do is also to bridge the digital and the real world.

What’s clear is that Vatom has good experience in this field with some big clients and projects under its belt.

Over the past two years we’ve been working with some of the largest brands in the world to help them build their own Metaverse experiences. Companies like P&G, Samsung, State Farm, iHeart Media, Verizon, Intel, and Slack just to name a few.

Source: Vatom Welcome page

preview of vatom wallet on a smartphone screen

That sounds like a solid experience.

Vatom is also developing its own platform so people like you and me, and businesses, can easily create NFT, their own metaverse, etc..

Using our platform Brands and Creators will be able to own their own Web3 domains, create their own virtual spaces, distribute simple, consumer-friendly Web3 wallets, create, buy, sell, exchange smart NFT’s, and launch their own branded marketplaces and social tokens.

Source: Vatom Welcome page

twitter banner of vatom metaverse platform

You can try their Vatom spaces yourself to see what they’ve done.

So it looks like we’re in good hands.

Now let’s see if they manage to stick to the roadmap and deliver in the coming month.

But the community and the CZ team seems hyped to have them on board, so let’s hope for the best.

So far, 2 days after the announce, $ZOO token is down to $0.0000176808 even with breeding, yield, and the new marketplace UI live.

But the dip shouldn’t last long as the team continues to deliver.

More About Vatom

What do you think about Vatom joining the team and taking over CZ development?

Are you hyped?

Let us know in the comments. 👇

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