zoology tools track eggs hatched on cryptozoo

Zoology Tools

Thanks to an amazing member of the CryptoZoo community, we now have a tool to track how many eggs and animals have been hatched until now.

This super simple and powerful website gives you on the homepage the number and percentage of eggs hatched in total and on each network (Ethereum and BSC).

Super useful to keep track of what’s happening with the eggs, and to adapt your strategy.

So far, almost one third of the total eggs have been hatched, with a majority of eggs hatched on BSC. (42%)

Keep an eye on the website, because this number will probably skyrocket when the breeding goes live!

With the marketplace out, right now it the best time to load on eggs.

zoology tools track eggs hatched on cryptozoo

Other interesting thing on this page, especially for those who don’t own any eggs yet, you can try the hatch simulator at the bottom of zoology.tools to see what hatching looks like.

Then there’s a second page with the number and percentage of animals hatched.

This way you can easily track how many animals of each type, category, rarity, etc… have been hatched so far.

zoology tools track animals hatched on cryptozoo

Big shoutout to Nick – Zoology.tools in the Discord for creating this great tool.

Nick, let us know where we can send you tips. 😉

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