One of the main feature of CryptoZoo is breeding.

You choose 2 base animals to breed together to get an egg that will give you another animal.

If you breed 2 of the same animal together, you will get an egg with the same animal.

  • For example: if you breed 2 cats, you’lll get an egg with a cat.

Or you can breed 2 different animals to get an hybrid.

  • For example, if you breed a turtle and a butterfly, you’ll get a hybrid called a turtterfly.

When breeding, always keep in mind that:

  • Each base animal can only breed 7 times.
  • Hybrids are sterile (you cannot breed them)

⚠️ Right now breeding is only available for animals on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

How To Breed?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Go to “My Zoo”
  4. Select an animal
  5. Click on “Breed”
  6. Select the second parent from the other base animals available in your wallet
  7. Click on “Breed” again
  8. Sign the 2 transactions that pop up
  9. Congrats! You’ve bred an animal.

Now it shows that you “laid an egg”.

After refreshing your page, you can see it with your other eggs in “My Zoo”.

You can either wait for the egg to be ready to hatch (it takes 36 hours on the 1st breeding, and more for each breeding after that), or pay a fee to cool it down instantly.

👉 Learn how to breed with our step by step guide.

image of cryptozoo breeding with animal hiding behind a red curtain

Cooldown Time

Each time you breed an animal, it enters a “cooldown” period during which you can’t breed it again.

According to the code, the cooldown time is as follow:

  • Breed 1 – 1 Day
  • Breed 2 – 2 Day
  • Breed 3 – 5 Days
  • Breed 4 – 15 Days
  • Breed 5 – 30 Days
  • Breed 6 – 365 Days
  • Breed 7 – Animal is Released (Burned)
elephant cooldown period in cryptozoo marketplace


How Much Is Breeding?

Breeding cost is the equivalent of $2.5 in $ZOO tokens.

How Much Is Cooldown?

Cooldowm cost for an egg is the equivalent of $10 in $ZOO tokens.

🔥$ZOO Burn

According to the tokenomics, “97.5% of all in-game fees (all paid in $ZOO) burned.” That’s millions of $ZOO burned each day with breeding only.

Don’t Have Animals To Breed Yet?

Any question about breeding?

Ask us in the comments below. 👇

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