Everything you need to know about CryptoZoo hybrids.

Which one will you add to your zoo?

What Are Hybrids?

Hybrids are unique animals created by breeding 2 base animals.

πŸ‘‰ Learn how to breed animals

The hybrid created is the combination of the 2 base animals used to breed it.

For example, the hybrid of a kitten and a turtle is a Kitturtle. πŸ˜„

details about a hybrid in cryptozoo marketplace

The visual of the hybrid will be one of 6 possible version.

Each version has a different look, rarity, and yield.

For example, here are the 6 versions possible for a pandaphant.

cryptozoo hybrid options for breeding an elephant and a panda
Different NFTs for the hybrid between an Elephant and a Panda

Must Know

  • There’s total of 336 hybrids possibility
  • Hybrids are sterile (you can’t breed them)
  • A hybrid can yield up to 64,852 $ZOO per day! πŸ€‘
  • Some hybrids are super ugly πŸ˜‚


Hybrids yield way more $ZOO tokens than base animals.

Of course, the rarest they are, the most $ZOO they yield.

Here’s how much $ZOO tokens each hybrid yield based on their rarity:

  • Common: 145 $ZOO / day
  • Uncommon: between 339 and 1,065 $ZOO / day
  • Rare: between 1,268 and 6,552 $ZOO / day
  • Super Rare: between and 7,056 and 18,120 $ZOO / day
  • Epic: between 24,160 and 31,710 $ZOO / day
  • Legendary: 47,257 $ZOO / day
  • Mythical: 64,852 $ZOO / day

But the thing is, to get these $ZOO in your wallet, you need to release the animal (or in other words, burn the NFT).

πŸ“š Learn more about yield

Examples Of Hybrids

Here are some hybrids that were already revealed.

More coming soonℒ️.

You can see all the hybrids already revealed in the ZooDex.

One member of the community ( )β€’NEUTRONβ€’( in the Discord) made this incredible sheet with all the revealed hybrids, their rarity, yield, and the probability to get them.

It’s awesome. Go check it out.

And an other awesome tool built by the community is exp.zoology.tools that let you see what hybrid have been revealed for each combination of animals.

bearshark featured on zoology explorer tool

How To See Your Hybrids In Your Wallet?

Like the eggs and animals, hybrids are ERC721 tokens both on the Ethereum Network and on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

To see them in your wallet you simply need to add the token.

In your wallet:

  • Click on “Add Token”
  • Token Address
    • BSC: 0x686445f68ecb7f963960cb7a381491be4aa65750
  • Token Symbol: HANML
  • Token Decimal: 0
import cryptoozoo hybrid animals token in metamask


How many hybrids animals are there?

There is a total of 336 different hybrids.

Can you breed hybrids?

No, you can’t. Hybrids are sterile.

How much $ZOO can I earn from my hybrid animal?

You can earn anywhere between 145 and 64,852 $ZOO tokens per day depending on your hybrid’s animal’s rarity.

Any questions about hybrids?

Ask us anything in the comments below.

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