Yield is one of the most interesting functionality of CryptoZoo.

Every animal (both base animals and hybrids) earn yield in $ZOO every day.

That’s a fun way to make passive income if you adopt a good strategy.

How To Yield $ZOO?

In CryptoZoo, animals and hybrids earn daily yield from the day they’re born.

yield status of a kittypug in cryptozoo marketplace

But the only way to cash in the $ZOO they yield is to “Free the animal”, or in other words, burn the NFT of the animal.

Will you sacrifice your animal to get that yield? 👀

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When Does Yield Start?

Every animal and hybrid start earning yield from the day

Yield start when your animal is born, no matter if it’s a hybrid or a base animal.

How To Receive My Yield?

The animal receive its yield daily, but its owner can only receive these $ZOO tokens if he destroy the NFT.

In CryptoZoo, we call it “releasing the animal”.

In Crypto, it’s called “burning the NFT”.

The result is the same, you need to destroy your NFT and free your animal to get the yield it accumulated over time.

How Much Yield Can I Get?

You can yield between 121 and 64,852 $ZOO tokens daily.

The common base animals (like a pug, a butterfly, or a kitten) yield only 121 $ZOO per day.

But mythical hybrids can yield up to 64,852 $ZOO per day!

At least from what we’ve seen so far. Who knows, some hybrids might yield even more in the future!

common pug in cryptozoo marketplace
epic pandalion in cryptozoo marketplace
naked mole blob hybrid in cryptozoo marketplace
sharkphant receiving yield in zoo tokens

Not Earning Yield Yet?

Start by buying animals:

Any questions about yield?

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